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Vessel Traffic Simulator

Allows simulation of a wide-range of maritime scenarios as if they were real-life incidents for training and risk analysis

Vessel Traffic Simulator


Marlan Maritime Technologies provides vessel traffic monitoring and management systems of the highest quality, and we believe that those engaged in monitoring and managing maritime environments should receive training of equal quality.

Our Vessel Traffic Simulator is a powerful means of achieving this. It allows a wide range of scenarios to be simulated, with vessel movements, meteorological conditions and tidal movements all changing moment by moment, as if they were real life incidents.

Instructors, managers, supervisors and Harbour Masters can prepare scenarios, edit them in real-time, record and replay simulation sessions, and help learners to develop their skills safely in a realistic maritime-traffic management environment.

features and benefits

  • Comprehensive training
    • ensures all operations and administrations teams have the knowledge they need
  • Real-life simulation
    • enables continuing professional development
    • improved safety and greater efficiency
    • rehearsal of risk scenarios and mitigations
  • Pre-defined scenarios can be imported and edited live during exercises
    • tailored to test local knowledge
  • Instructor retains control, pausing and replaying scenarios as required
    • training designed around the needs of the team

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