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IRIS Asset Protection

An offshore surveillance and information system to help protect valuable and vital
maritime assets, including oil platforms, buoys, pipelines and wellheads.

IRIS Asset Protection


IRIS Asset Protection is an offshore surveillance system that protects valuable and vital maritime assets including windfarms oil platforms, buoys, pipelines and wellheads. It also enables users to regulate traffic around assets, making sure that they remain safe and secure. IRIS Protection can be installed around a single asset or across a large geographical area with multiple assets.

Based on our IRIS Radar with Vision system, IRIS Asset Protection receives information from a wide range of integrated sources including radar, AIS, CCTV & thermal cameras, the internet and other computer networks.

As with all Marlan products, IRIS Asset Protection is a flexible system that is tailored to the precise requirements of each user.

features and benefits

  • Offshore surveillance for the protection of valuable and vital maritime assets
  • Flexible modular system
    • Tailored to meet your current requirements
    • Evolves to meet your changing needs
  • Future-proof design
    • allows components to be upgraded while keeping core system
    • avoids system replacement costs and upheaval
  • Live data sharing
    • enables rapid response and efficient resource coordination
  • Zone monitoring
    • provides early warnings and alarms due to risky or unwanted traffic behaviour

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