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An all-in-ONE solution for vessel traffic monitoring.



Solid-state radar provides low-maintenance coverage of your port and approaches


PTZ camera with marine finish coating, fully integrated to enable automatic tracking of vessels to aid identification


Multi-channel recording up to 2 audio channels from supported VHF radios, telephone & microphone interfaces


The heart of your IRIS system, provides the Operator Interface in addition to all processing and data recording functions


The system supports vector charts using the S57 chart database standard (S-63 encrypted AVCS)


The robust marine antenna and sensitive receiver can be located in the optimum location due to the networked design of IRIS

About the product

The IRIS ONEbox package is a turnkey solution designed specifically for port and harbour authorities needing to protect people, places and profits in their maritime environment. IRIS ONEbox provides a cost effective solution that allows ports of all levels to have access to the right tools for enhancing safety, security and risk mitigation capabilities.

Port and harbour authorities are now able to implement a reliable, easy to use, feature rich, low maintenance VTMS. The system is rapidly installed by our experienced team and includes radar, camera, AIS, VTMS software, professional charts, and an operator workstation.

The system sensors are fully integrated into the IRIS ONEbox operator PC. This enables delivery of a complete traffic picture beyond line of sight, and has been designed to have a user friendly interface which enables informed decisions to be made rapidly.

The IRIS ONEbox solution is based on our successful IRIS Traffic Manager VTS system which has been installed in Ports, Harbours and maritime surveillance applications within the UK and internationally.

An all-in-ONE solution for vessel traffic monitoring.


  • Radar control and video processing
  • Radar tracker
  • Fusion of Radar and AIS tracks for simplified display
  • Integrated control of pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • Automatic cueing of camera to track
  • Automatic tracking of camera on track
  • Recording and playback of all sensor data (radar video, camera, voice, AIS) for effective incident investigation and evidence production
  • User friendly Windows interface
  • Automated user-defined reports
  • Multiple windows allows observation of tracks in multiple areas
  • Monitor individual tracks in separate windows
  • S-57 Charts (S-63 encrypted AVCS)
  • Highly configurable chart presentation options
  • Simple zone-based alarm system to identify and notify conditions of interest. Including: vessel entry/exit; speeding zone; course deviation zone and CPA/TCPA zone

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