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Developing innovative systems for improved port navigation

The Marlan team are delighted to be working alongside the University of Liverpool and Satellite Oceanographic Consultants Ltd (SatOC) in their new project funded by MarRI-UK (The Maritime Research and Innovation UK). This project forms part of the £1.5m initiative awarded to eleven organisations by MarRI-UK, to aid the development of technological innovation which improves UK Maritime services and operations.

The Maritime sector will see significant changes as technology advances the ways in which it operates and environmental concerns pose new and ever more demanding requirements for the industry. A recent article by Sarah Kenny, Vice Chair of Maritime UK highlights the importance of investment and focus on these vulnerable, but vital communities that could level up following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The University of Liverpool’s project, ‘Assuring safe port navigation by applying machine learning (ML) to wave data for automated monitoring of changes in nearshore bathymetry’, will utilise a combination of satellite and radar, along with data analysis methods to effectively monitor changes in sub- and intertidal bathymetry. This will support port authorities and operators in ensuring that navigation is both safe and efficient.



Alex Sinclair, Managing Director at Marlan said, “we all have a fantastic opportunity to change so much of how we live and work at the coast.  There are so many community engagement vectors for improving lives near coast, but also changing perceptions. Marlan Maritime Technologies works with ports and harbours, and now increasingly local authorities to provide data which enables better solutions for ports and coastal defence managers. This aids the reduction of capital and operating CO2 emissions, and can enable imaginative engineers and policy makers to make decisions based on evidence of the nearshore environment, rather than having to rely on models sometimes built using less than ideal input data.

Since we’ve been working at coastal sites, we’ve been truly amazed by the interest of the public we meet out at sites, they show genuine interest and many have a strong desire to contribute to the better understanding of the changing coast. I’m looking forward to reading the next!”

To read more about the project, see here


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