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CoastSense – Wave Field Monitoring

Understand Where Sea Meets Land

CoastSense – wave field monitoring

Marlan’s CoastSense systems offer an innovative remote sensing solution for monitoring directional wave spectra in near-real time.

The service

Marlan installs and operates for you, a shore-based radar system that continuously images a large area of the coast and derives mean directional wave spectra over the radar domain. Data are updated every 15 minutes allowing you unprecedented situational awareness.

How it works

Marlan’s CoastSense system uses shore-based radar sensors to image wave fields within line-of-sight and typically 4-6 km range. The antenna images the wave field every few seconds and our algorithms convert a cube of space-time data into the wavenumber-frequency domain allowing a directional wave spectrum to be derived and updated rapidly.

The solution

Marlan CoastSense systems combine data services to give you unprecedented hydrodynamic and bathymetric situational awareness, CoastSense wave monitoring allows greater insight into local hydrodynamic regimes and allows you to record wave directions, periods and wavelengths continuously in near-real-time.


  • Remote, autonomous and continuous data collection.
  • Near-real-time observations without expensive telemetry systems.
  • Wide-area coverage, 4 – 6 km range from the radar.
  • Same system can be used in combination with other CoastSense data services to provide a full nearshore morphological monitoring solution.
  • Ideal for ports and harbours where knowledge of local hydrodynamics is critical to operations.


  • Understand and record hydrodynamic regimes to make more cost-effective coastal management decisions.
  • Supplementary radar image data allows you to see detailed patterns of wave field diffraction and refraction allowing you to better site coastal defence interventions
  • Feed data to models to make more accurate predictions.
  • Gain deeper understanding of local coastal processes.
  • Optimise dredging and beach nourishment activities by working with natural processes that are being continuously monitored


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