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CoastSense – 4D nearshore survey data

Understand Where Sea Meets Land

CoastSense – 4D nearshore survey data

CoastSense is a data subscription service where we install, operate and maintain shore-based sensor platforms for you. We then apply our award-winning and innovative algorithms to data from these platforms in real time and stream the resulting data directly to your desktop. Our systems give you unprecedented situational awareness of the physical marine environment and allow you to save money by making more effective data-based management decisions, all data services are provided using the same platform. 


Conducting regular hydrographic surveys in complex and dynamic nearshore coastal areas is an incredibly difficult logistical challenge. Marlan provide innovative remote sensing techniques in collaboration with the National Oceanography Centre. These use radar, video camera and other sensor technologies to derive topographic, bathymetric and hydrodynamic (wave & current) data in shallow coastal waters.

Unlike manual survey techniques, data are collected from fixed remote sensor platforms, enabling regular automated repeat-surveys with a high temporal resolution. Maritime radar allows coverage of large and inaccessible areas using a single sensor platform. Deployment of a Marlan survey system can increase your organisation’s situational awareness of challenging operational environments, providing better understanding of sediment migration, and trends of erosion and accretion. This information can inform better planning and decision making for maintenance operations, nearshore dredging and coastal defence construction.

CoastSense for intertidal monitoring 

Is your stretch of coast eroding or are you seeing unexpected changes in the local sedimentary regime? Get in touch to see if CoastSense can help to answer your questions.

CoastSense for surface current monitoring 

It is crucial that you understand what is driving sediment migration around your navigation channel or dredging site. The CoastSense system giving you near-real-time current directions and magnitudes over a large area will help you make the most cost effective sediment management decisions.

CoastSense for wave field monitoring

The nearest wave buoy is tens of kilometers offshore but you know that wave direction and behavior changes with the bathymetry; a shore-based CoastSense deployment shows you how.


  • Ideal for surveying extensive coastal areas, especially dynamic intertidal areas which are traditionally very difficult and expensive to survey
  • Excellent spatial and temporal resolution
  • Versatile deployment – a custom tower install, install on existing infrastructure or rapidly deployable containerised survey platform that uses renewable power sources to be infrastructure independent, allowing remote areas to be surveyed
  • Remote, autonomous and continuous data collection
  • Data from multiple overlapping sensor deployments can be fused,  allowing observation of blind spots and longer coastlines
  • Flexible data provision schedule, tailors data delivery to your needs


  • Facilitates proactive dredging operations and channel margin maintenance
  • Advance warning of sediment migration and erosion/accretion
  • Regular data products tell a story of coastal evolution and allow response to individual storm events to be monitored and responded to proactively, saving resources by allowing the solution to be optimised
  • Aids diagnosis and understanding of processes acting on underperforming coastal defence infrastructure allowing effective remediation measures to be implemented
  • Low operations and maintenance cost similar to a single in-situ deployment


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