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We are based in the great maritime city of Liverpool, although
our vessel traffic monitoring and management systems
are in service across the world


the marlan approach


As you might expect from a company dedicated to enhancing safety and security in maritime environments, the Marlan story begins on the banks of a famous body of water. Our local maritime environment is the River Mersey as it flows through the great port city of Liverpool, UK. Having a view of the River Mersey from our rooftop sensor test facility allows us to continuously test and improve our vessel traffic monitoring and management systems close to home. Indeed, we are proud to call the Port of Liverpool one of our customers.

a talented team

With over 30 years’ combined experience between them, our team has always believed that delivering high quality, cost-effective systems is only part of our mission. Other crucial factors include forging strong relationships, building an understanding of each customer’s unique situation, and tailoring the solution to meet their needs. We then continue to offer all the expert advice and support they need to help make the most of their system and achieve the maritime safety and security they require.

the flexible solution

This flexible, adaptable approach means that every customer gets the solution that’s right for them, regardless of their size or budget. As their requirements change, their Marlan solution can change with them – an example of our belief in continuous improvement rather than built-in obsolescence. With our own IRIS Radar with Vision platform at the heart of each system, our solutions are modular and scalable, and built for the long term.

around the world

Within the UK, we operate as a systems integrator. This involves developing our own software, IT and electronics technologies, and integrating them with third-party products including radar, sensors, communications equipment, computers, networks and more. Outside the UK, we provide our software and expertise to local partners who handle the system integration with our full support. So not only are we interested in building relationships with potential customers, we are also always keen to speak to companies that can help us deliver a service to be proud of, wherever our customers are in the world.

meet the team


Business manager

Melanie is responsible for the operational side of Marlan, ensuring our business runs smoothly and efficiently in the long term and on a day-to-day basis. She has many years of experience in recruitment, administration and project management for scientific research and communications projects, having worked in a number of sectors both in industry and academia.


Installation, maintenance and support technician

As a member of our technical support team, Richard’s time is divided between working on-site with our customers, wherever in the world they happen to be, and working back at our head office in Liverpool. In addition to his technical expertise and the support he gives our own team, he also plays a major role in building relationships with our customers, meeting them, supporting them, and helping them to get the most from their Marlan system. Before joining the Marlan team, Richard had many years of experience installing and maintaining radar and antenna systems in the Royal Air Force.


Senior software engineer

Avnir is our senior software engineer; he takes a lead in all aspects of product development and delivery at Marlan. Since graduating from Salford in Acoustics Engineering, he has gained several years’ experience with vessel traffic management systems. Avnir also has valuable experience of maritime environments from a different perspective, as he spent eight years serving in the Merchant Navy.


Managing director

Alex is a chartered engineer with over 20 years’ experience in a range of engineering disciplines as well as project and team management. He has overall responsibility for every aspect of our business, including commercial & product development, sales and finance. In meeting these responsibilities, he benefits from his many years designing and implementing complex control systems, robotic systems and embedded processing systems.

get in touch

Every Marlan solution begins with a conversation, so please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

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