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IRIS Coastal Surveillance

All our Marlan products and services are designed to deliver greater situational awareness in the maritime environment. However, different environments have different specific requirements. The following Marlan products have been designed to meet the needs of those who require accurate, efficient and cost-effective solutions for coastal surveillance.

Coastal Surveillance

iris surv

iris surveillance

Designed for use along coastlines and borders, IRIS Surveillance is a distributed surveillance system that enables users to detect and monitor unknown vessels within a large geographical area.



When you invest in a Marlan system in the UK, you also benefit from professional installation by our expert team.


vessel traffic simulator

Maritime environments can be complex and potentially hazardous, but when managed efficiently using technology designed for the task in hand, safety and security can be greatly enhanced.

system maintenance

Marlan systems covers all the hardware components of your system, and provides invaluable software updates and system support.

product training

Marlan vessel traffic monitoring and management systems are powerful, adaptable and ideally suited to a huge range of maritime environments, but we never simply install a system and leave our customers to find their way around it.

iris user support

We pride ourselves on the quality of our high-performance vessel traffic monitoring and management systems, and it is important to us that our customers are able to get the most from their Marlan systems and software.

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Every Marlan solution begins with a conversation, so please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

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